The Top Color Trends for Spring / Summer 2018

No doubt that the colors we  choose for our clothes affect our mood, personality and feelings. Thus, you should be careful when choosing colors. Personally,  I believe of this hypothesis because I feel sad and quiet when wearing black and dark colors. On the other hand I feel happy and excited when wearing bright colors.


The color trends of this year 2018 will take two opposite directions. It will go toward strong and powerful colors and at the same time it will have another direction toward light and soft colors. 

The top colors of this year 2018 will range from pink to purple and from beige to gold. The year’s diverse spectrum of colors trends has a little something for everyone. The colors of this year express individuality, ingenuity and creativity. In addition to this, mixing unexpected colors can result in a signature color or look.



1- According to the Pantone Color Institute, Ultra violet is the color of year. The next one will be purple. The color purple represents spirituality and imagination. The difference between purple and violet is that the violet appears in the visible light spectrum while purple is the mix of red and blue.



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2- The second color of the fashion trends of the year 2018 is pink. this color represents romance and  charm. This color is associated with flowers, spring, babies and little girls. The color pink represents compassion, caring a love. It is used in party and prom dresses. Most of girls choose pink as their favorite color. By the way, pink is my favorite color. What about yours?



3- The third color is light green. Despite that this color left a stamp in the year 2017 but also continues to be a color trend for the year 2018. It represents a natural color of trees and grass. It is the most common color in nature everywhere. Green stands for spring, nature and balance. When dressed in green, you will gain relaxation and peace. 

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4- Another color trend is gold. The color gold is the color of success, triumph, power and wealth. It represents charming personality and strong confidence. You can also mix gold with other colors that helps you to look more elegant. Some people fear wearing gold but others love wearing it. This year, women will look wonderful wearing gold in parties and weddings. Be one of them. What do you think?


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5- The color blue is considered one of the top color trends in the year 2018. The color blue represents the  sky and the sea. It represents many traits such as responsibility, trust, honesty and loyalty. When wearing blue, we feel peace and relaxation. If your favorite color is blue then you can wear it in different occasion. It is suitable for the sea and  for casual outfits. The color blue can be for everyday and for every occasion.

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It is time to change your clothes style! Open your closet and add new colors instead on being  dressed in black most of the time. From my point of view. I believe that colors add happiness and relaxation especially when we wear bright and light colors. Never postpone till tomorrow.. Start now to feel a new life and a new beginning. What do you think?

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  • sumit says:

    I can see you have created you e-store well. One can find each and every product and some good collection are also there. I will surely shop from your website in the future.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sumit
      Thanks a lot for having a tour in my store.. I am sure you will be happy and satisfied if you shop in my Almas Store..

  • Gus says:

    Wow it is a beautiful store..Rania, it sorts the style you are creating for people. I see you have my favourite colour here as well!…Gold is my favourite colour. I like the pink dress though it looks pretty elegant and beautiful. You have created another beautiful website Rania!!..Good luck..and wishing you well

    • admin says:

      Thanks Gus for your lovely words. You make my day! I am still adding new clothes. I am strict in adding clothes because I choose my suppliers very carefully. I want good quality and reasonable prices. I want to add more for men so as in the future I will attract you to buy from my store.. hahaha. All the best!

  • Shai says:

    Hi Rania,
    Your blog is amazing!
    In general, I am not a big fan of black and white colors,
    in my opinion, it’s great to get new and fresh colors to 2018 fashion trends.
    I think that you are definitely right, purple is amazing color! and I hope to see it more often.

    • admin says:

      Hello Shai
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I do agree with you that bright colors have good impact on the self. Despite that there are color trends for every year but still you could find all colors in the market so you could choose what suits you.

  • Marita says:

    Hi Rania,

    I love different colors for my dresses. My favorite color is pink because it is so soft and ladylike. I love varieties of colors for my tops that will suit my black or brown pants or my denims.

    You’re right, colors add beauty and life to our daily lives. That’s why I love flowers with different colors in my garden in the summer.

    I don’t usually follow the trends because when they go out of style, then I can’t use them anymore. I’m not so young anymore, that’s why lol!


    • admin says:

      Thank you dear Marita for your sweet words. I really love your comment because we have something in common. I also like pink and violet and I try to have colorful flowers in my garden. This gives us happiness and relaxation. I really appreciate your time and effort by visiting my estore. Wishing you all the best!

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